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The best soundtrack for your Yin Yoga Class

Mercury Retrograde began this week. The New Moon in Pisces is rising soon. This week has been a time of reflection, connecting with your inner self rather than the outer world. For me personally, this week has brought a lot of contradicting energy, as this New Moon is in Pisces (my zodiac sign), and I found out that I was actually born during Mercury (and Venus!) Retrograde. This means that I am in the 25% of all the people whose natal charts align with the retrograding planets. This makes me question things more, re-think more, have difficulties making up my mind. As if I wasn't indecisive enough to begin with, the stellar constellation with retrograding Mercury basically makes me an ultra-Pisces! Not an easy alignment!

This week I have been specially scattered when it comes to planning. I had to open up my journal (the one that I swore to myself I will not use for mundane notes like planning and to-do lists, rather dedicate it to thoughts, expressing feelings and writing down questions and wonders) and on a fresh page, I ended up scribbling how much time I had before my next point on the schedule and what I wanted to achieve in this time slot.

I can tell you that actually, it was eye-opening! It turned out that I did not have many major tasks to get done with, it all just seemed like an uncharted mess in my head (surprise!). So the moment the thoughts and half-plans came down on paper, the mess took form, and I could deal with it like I would deal with any other shaped entity: step by step, with caution and a dose of self-distance.

Seeing thing in perspective definitely helped, but in general the time of New Moon and major astrological shifts is time when we should look inwards, be more Yin than Yang, slow down.

I usually teach Vinyasa Yoga, but I also teach a few classes of Restorative Aerial Yoga. For that particular class I have composed a playlist that I wanted to share with you this week when the Yin practice is especially needed. The playlist is mostly mantras and slow, gentle tunes, melodies suitable for a Yin Yoga class, that wouldn’t over-stimulate your body by too vivid beats.

Personally, I believe that the mantras, even though we do not understand the meaning fully, affect our body and help it to relax and rejuvenate. Positive affirmations and the peaceful lyrics of the mantras will nourish your body and your mind and the tones will calm you down.

Find the playlist HERE.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Grab your mat, turn on Spotify and prepare for 6 minutes in frog.

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