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Raw vegan guide to Bangkok

This 2020 trip to Bangkok is not my first time in the Thai capital. (Here you can read a Bangkok Green Guide I have composed previously). This time, when I booked my stay, I knew exactly which area to aim for. I mostly stay in Thong Lor, not only is it on the Metro Line, but the area is also filled with soy cafés that I can work from, good restaurants and quirky book stores (old love of mine). This time, I wanted to continue the raw vegan diet that I had jumped on the past week in Bali and did a quick research of where to get raw vegan food in Bangkok.

Rasayana Retreat

I was familiar with Rasayana, however I haven’t tried their café in Bangkok. I visited the retreat’s Pattaya branch in 2018 before Wonderfruit Festival and absolutely loved the food and the vibe.

This time in Bangkok didn’t disappoint either!

Everything on the menu is raw vegan, and whereas prices ARE high, you pay for superb food quality and incredible freshness. There are starters, raw mains, desserts as well as fresh juices and vegan shakes. There is even a raw equivalent of coffee! (Coffee is normally not advised on the raw vegan diet, but Rasayana has an herbal alternative for 90 Baht!)

Average bill: +/- 350 Baht

Tax: + 10 %

Free drinking water: Ye

Check the menu HERE

Broccoli Revolution

With a couple of branches all around Bangkok, Broccoli Revolution is an easy go-to for vegans and diet-conscious foodies. There are 100% raw options, however most salads include grains.

Again, the dishes seem pricy, in comparison to average Thai restaurants, but the freshness of ingredients and Broccoli Revolution’s pledge to sustainability and protection of our planet is admirable. Actually, how I first found the café was because I was searching to buy a reusable straw! The café has a line of zero-waste gadgets, and they also sell (plastic-packaged, unfortunately) raw vegan snacks.

Average bill: +/- 300 Baht

Tax: Included

Free drinking water: Yes

Check the menu HERE

Veganerie Concept

I visited this one with my omnivore sister, and she was so impressed with it, she ate three dishes in one sitting (two mains and a desert).

The selection of RAW dishes is limited, but everything on the menu is vegan, and there is an impressive selection of raw juices and vegan shakes. Also, Veganerie experiments with different vegan alternatives & substitutes, so you can always see some news on the menu!

Veganerie in Sukhumvit also sells products; both zero-waste gadgets, but also foods and supplements.

Average bill: +/- 280 Baht

Tax: Included

Free drinking water: No (at least not in the branches I have visited)

Check the menu HERE

Streets & markets

Not necessarily zero-waste, but Bangkok’s streets are a perfect place to shop fresh fruits. Fruit vendors are everywhere. You can buy the fruits and veggies fresh and raw, or you can try some of the fermented/pickled snacks.

If you do not want to contribute to using single-use plastics (which follow automatically with any street food purchase), take your Grab n’ Go bag with you or have a reusable food container ready. The vendors appreciate the travelers’ efforts to limit plastic, and they’ll happily serve you the fruits in you own box.

Average price:

Mango/Papaya/Melons for 20 Baht

Jackfruit 30 - 50 Baht

Fresh Coconut 25 - 50 Baht

And sure, wherever you go, you will be able to find a green salad. But we also want high-vibe, healthy and tasty food made with love, don’t we? Which is why I prefer supporting restaurants that pledge to sustainability, support the plant-based movement and promote a lifestyle with less waste.

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