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Morocco 2019 - thoughts & lessons learned

It has been more than three weeks since I temporarily left Morocco. Now, back in my hometown, my everyday life has (once again) shifted with 180 degrees. And as I find myself in the very same flat that I grew up in, with some of the same childish posters hanging around (who has the time to take that down when the gel has hardened!?), I cannot help but notice all the other things that have changed. I cannot help but notice how I have changed.

Every single chapter of my life, whether we’re talking about more significant decisions like leaving a stable job and deciding to … ekhm, “float” without a fixed plan or whether we are talking about the first 3 months spent in Marrakech, Morocco has taught me something, shaped me, modeled who I am, who I am becoming. Hence, better late then never, I decided to share (more for myself than for you, really) what I have learned during my 3 months in Morocco.

No one knows

We are all constantly trying to figure it out. No one holds the absolute truth, no one has the ultimate answers. In professional, personal or more complex social situations, we are all trying to navigate around each other. I used to give much more credit to people around me than to myself. I used to believe that other people’s truth was more true than my truth because I was aware of my own confusion and my own lacks (I really don’t feel like I have my life together, but that’s a whole different story).

The truth is … No one holds the truth, and we are all - to some degree - confused! We are operating in a network of personal and professional connections, of personal and social anxieties, but also of personal and interpersonal skills! So yes, sometimes what you say turns out more true than what I had thought (in a certain situation), but that does not mean that you are holding the ultimate truth. And next time we meet my opinion on something may turn out to be more valuable than yours because I’d happen to have more knowledge in a certain field.

Proactivity - if you’re not going to make it happen, it will most likely not happen

I think the line above summarizes this whole life-lesson. You have to ask for things in order for them to be given to you. First, no one is a mind-reader. How would they know what you want if you’re not expressing it? Second, I have learned that people don’t refuse as much as we fear that they would. There is this really cool TED Talk about lessons learned from 100 days of rejection, and the guy is spot-on! Even if we get a firm no there is always a way to explain the situation, and whereas we may not always get a full-blown yes, if we actively ask for things, if we go out there and manifest and actively try to attract what we wish for, our actions will be rewarded.

Be humble and open to learn

In the era of Instagram-perfection-filters, it is never easy to receive criticism. What am I if I’m not perfect? You’re YOU. Just like 7,x billion other people are THEM, also without being perfect. Criticism, especially coming from friends and people that wish you well (on the personal and professional level) is an extremely valuable asset. This life-lesson is linked to the first point of no one holding the ultimate truth. The constructive criticism is more like an advice, an invitation to a dialogue, rather than a compact recipe saying what you must do and in what order - the latter would, in my opinion, sound like it comes from a place of ignorance rather than educated willingness to share an honest observation to help you improve.

Routine? Much needed

Maybe it’s the Vata in me, maybe it’s the Vata imbalance in me - I need a routine. I like the fact that every day after I wake up I do my kriyas. Then I go for a walk, then I have my breakfast, then I go on with my day. Yes, you may think: Live a little (believe me, I often think that to/about myself), but I can’t! I get lost in days with no routine, I get lost in days when I don’t know at what point I will have my meals and daily exercise. I feel weird if I just wake up at a random hour instead of, the night before, actually thinking of what I want to do the following day and set an alarm-clock accordingly.

Money is energy - it comes when you attract it (and allow it to come in)

Last, but not least. Abundance is all around, abundance is in you, abundance is already in your life. It’s like with oxygen. It is all around you, but if you sit down holding your breath, obviously you’re not inhaling it! Money is all around, and you gotta “take that breath” to let it in!

Sometimes, a part of that “inhale” is learning a new skill. Sometimes it is sending out your updated CV. And sometimes it is asking for a raise. But it is all out there. And it is all within your reach. But you have to - referring back to point 2 - ask for it!

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