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Tuesday Talk with... Josie Stoker from CAPTURE APP

These days, travelling is limited, and you might think: "Why is she still publishing travel content?" There's a method to the madness. Life "after Corona" will not be the same. Travelling will not be the same for sure, and I sincerely hope that "post-Corona" life, travels and endeavours, in general, will be more mindful, more balanced and... more sustainable. Carbon emission is a big deal when it comes to travelling. So while waiting for the travel restrictions and flight bans to be lifted, why not educate yourself on how to travel more sustainably? Today I want to introduce Josie from CAPTURE APP, read about her mission and vision for the project, dig into resources and articles she's sharing with us today and learn more about your climate footprint!

Please introduce yourself, what’s your name, where are you from, where are you based and… what’s your biggest passion? Hi, I'm Josie, CoFounder of Capture. Originally from the UK and I've spent 7 years living across Asia. Right now, I'm based with my family in the UK as I 'weather' the COVID-19 situation and wait until it's safe for me to spend some time in the US. My biggest passion would have to be climate change - working on solutions to climate change rather than climate change itself!  I also love spending time in the wild.. hiking or horseback riding.

What does ‘sustainability' mean to you? Living in a manner that does not leave harm for future generations - basically 'cleaning up after yourself' on an epic scale. With many of us living without a strong connection to the planet, it's often difficult to understand the impact our lives have; how many of us have visited a landfill site or watched for hours on end as coal power stations release smoke into the atmosphere to power our laptops? We have created modern lifestyles that have allowed us to sweep aside what we don't want to see. All of this is changing quickly, and that's so exciting.  How do your professional choices reflect your personal values? Tell me more about The Capture App!

I had the original idea for Capture after feeling frustrated around the lack of trackers/tools that would help me understand my carbon emissions. I joined the Antler program to find a CoFounder and learn how to build and scale a business to solve the problem around people caring about climate change but not knowing the impact of their daily actions.

The Capture app helps individuals to track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions from everyday life. When you first download the Capture app, we will help you calculate your baseline emissions, then apply a 7.6% reduction (that's what we all need to do year-on-year between now and 2030) and support you to auto-track emissions live. Right now we have tracking enabled for mobility-based emissions, but in the future, we are adding tracking for additional aspects of emissions in our lives. In what way can travel help us become more sustainable/live more consciously?

Firstly, it's important to recognise emissions directly caused by travel. There are many who would rather we weren't aware of the fact that a return economy flight from Tokyo to Sydney, for example, can cause emissions leading to the melting of 9 square metres of Arctic ice. Having said that, there are responsible ways to travel, along with things we can do to reduce damage when we do need to fly

Climate change is a global issue. It's not something that a handful of countries can solve alone, and it will affect all of us over the coming years (and in some cases, now) - no matter where we live. I believe that travel can be hugely helpful for individuals in realising how interconnected we all are, along with improving empathy and understanding - vital if we are going to be able to work across governments and cultures together as urgently as possible.

Where do you see the most potential for growth when it comes to travellers’ (not only environmental but also personal and spiritual) awareness?  I see the most potential for growth in awareness around carbon offsets! There's a lot of confusion and controversy around offsets! I can recommend this short and to-the-point article here on what offsets are, and the challenges associated with purchasing carbon credits. Three things you’re most grateful for today! Sunshine (it's a rarity in the UK!), my awesome co-workers and the amazing UK healthcare system and all those working so hard in the fight against COVID-19.

Good news! You can download CAPTURE APP from the AppStore and via Google Play. And don't forget to follow CAPTURE on Instagram!

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