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FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK 2020: How to revolutionize fashion … from home

On April 20th we entered 2020’s FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK. The initiative emerged as a commemoration of the Rana Plaza Tragedy from 2013, and it has since become an international awareness-week. Every year, in April, the consumers collectively and directly ask brands and manufacturers “Who Made My Clothes?”

During Fashion Revolution Week light is shed on garment manufacturing, garment workers’ rights, the clothing industry, consumption habits and MUCH more. Obviously, this year’s FRW happens to coincide with… the global pandemic so I will share with you a few tips on how to revolutionize fashion… from home!

Fashion revolution Events Online

Last year, up to Fashion Revolution Week, I was quite stressed out. I was planning Fashion Revolution-related events in my hometown in Poland, collaborated with a local independent cinema to screen “The True Cost”, had to figure out licensing, get media coverage, get people to the event, etc.

I also led a panel discussion with a local representative from Fashion Revolution Poland and co-founder of a local textile brand, Tartaruga selling hand-woven carpets and modern wall-tapestries made of second-hand & “rescued” wool.

Fun times, loads of preparation required, I was obit stressed but felt super accomplished. And I felt I made a difference.

This year, due to restrictions and safety precautions, no events can take place… anywhere, really. Yet, I see quite a lot of online initiatives that can be joined via zoom! Here are a few of them!


Slow Fashion Bali is a “new kid on the block”, yet with SO much potential. For fashion Revolution Week 2020, Slow Fashion Bali is putting on a full-day event schedule from 9 am - 9 pm (GMT +8) on Friday, April 24th. There will be panel discussions, home-shopping & live showcases. Personally, I will try to “attend” as much, yet on Friday I shall be packing my entire life into one backpack to head back to Europe the next day.

Check it out HERE.

FASHION QUESTION TIME - “Mass consumption: The end of an Era”

Hosted by Fashion Revolution, this event will be live-streamed to YouTube. It is free for everyone to tune in, so mark your calendars for Friday, April 24th, 11 am - 1 pm BST (6 pm - 8 pm GMT +8) and listen to knowledgable international panellists discuss the present and future of fashion.

Shaping Fashion Webinar: What’s in My Clothes

Curious to join a discussion that will focus on the fashion industry during the current COVID-19 outbreak? Join this free webinar that will also touch upon topics like transparency in fashion, the material composition of clothing as well as more personal, yet practical guidelines to how to assess and treasure your closet. Tune in on Thursday, April 23rd, 3 pm - 4.30 pm CEST (9 pm - 10 pm GMT +8).

These are just a few selected events. For more, literally a WELL of online FRW events, check THIS LINK.

Social Media Activism

That’s probably the core of Fashion Revolution Week - YOUR action, YOU challenging the brands asking who made the clothes you’re wearing. Fashion revolution has a list of free graphic resources if you want to share some responsible-fashion-vibes via your personal social media channels (check out the entire resource base HERE), but you really don’t need fancy graphics to become a fashion activist.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Take a picture of yourself wearing a piece of garment, clearly showing the label.

  2. Post that picture on your Instagram.

  3. In the caption, tag the brand and ask “WHO MADE MY CLOTHES?”

Last year, I challenged a Polish brand called “Mazaki”, and I got the cutest reply from the tailor herself! We’re still following each other on IG, and she even checked up on me not too long ago.

Do a WARDROBE EDIT (like RedressChristina Dean)

This one is easy, and it doesn’t even require an Internet connection! It is as simple, as it sounds You simply go through your own wardrobe and re-organize it. It will help you to re-discover old clothes, inspire you to wear what you already have & hopefully give a new life to those clothes crammed in the backs of our wardrobes that we’ll probably never wear.

Once you’ve gone through your wardrobe and found pieces you forgot but are happy to start wearing again, you’ll probably also stumble upon items that you aren’t going to wear any more. Post them on your social media! Do digital clothes swap! Get creative!

With the execs time on your hands, maybe you can even re-make some of your old garments? Better yet, use old t-shirts to make reusable face-masks for yourself and your near & dear ones!

FRW x COVID-19 braid.

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